Blue Transitional Home

Blue Transitional Home Project In Windermere, FL: For this project we were commissioned to change an existing Traditional Style Home and change it to a Transitional Style Home. The inspiration came from a specific light blue color palette that the client picked. We used an exact 17 shades of blue throughout the home. We balanced[…]

White Transitional Home

White Transitional Home Project In Windermere, FL Our White Transitional home was a new construction project that we were involved with from beginning to end. We included a selection of chandeliers, window treatments, custom paint, handpicked custom furniture, and quality fabrics throughout the home. For more information visit our Houzz profile!

Neutral Contemporary Home

Neutral Contemporary Home Project in Windermere, FL: Our Neutral Contemporary Home was a Turnkey project. Our inspiration was to create a Contemporary space incorporating a touch of nature with a neutral palette. A few interesting features in this home include mosaic tile backsplash, a stacked stone fireplace, volcanic cocktail rock table, & a chamcha wood table. For more information visit[…]

New Traditional Living Home

New Traditional Living Home Project In Windermere, FL: New Traditional Living Home in Windermere, FL was a new home construction. The inspiration came from a sentimental China Cabinet that was passed down from a previous home. The style for this project needed to be traditional with clean lines, but yet contain a few contemporary pieces.This is[…]

Contemporary Eclectic Home

Contemporary Eclectic Home

Contemporary Eclectic Home Project In Windermere, FL: For this project the client wanted a one-of-a-kind look, together with unique and exclusive pieces. To create this look, we went towards an Eclectic style with a Contemporary mix. We used pieces from different styles and tied them together with color. For more information, visit our Houzz profile!

Downtown Brownstone Home

Downtown Brownstone Home Project in Orlando, FL: In this project our clients were down-sizing from a one story home to a four story Brownstone, the first of its kind in the Orlando area. We were commissioned to not only maximize space- but also create a space that is functional. The inspiring styles were minimalistic and transitional.[…]

Blue Neoclassic Home

 Blue Neoclassic Home Project In Windermere, FL: Blue Neoclassic Home Project started with a love for navy blue and ivory from the client. We wanted to create a classic elegant space using these colors. Beautiful accent chairs were added for a statement! For more information, visit our Houzz profile!

Asian Contemporary Home

Asian Contemporary Home Project In Windermere, FL: For the Asian Contemporary home we wanted to create a space that was unique and true to the theme. We added touches of red throughout the home for luck. Some features in this project include a Mongolian chest, a six-foot tall Buddha, and a Monkey Legs table.For more information visit our Houzz profile!

Children Rooms

Children Rooms in Windermere, FL: Here at All in One Decorating Solutions we love designing and decorating childrens’ rooms. In the rooms featured here, we have designed everything from a mural in a girl’s room to a unisex toy room for siblings to featuring a performance stage for the little ones to show off. For[…]

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Make your outdoor living feel as just as great as your indoor living. For more information, visit our Houzz profile!

Unique Home Offices

Unique Home Offices in Windermere, FL: A common item we are requested to help with is creating a cohesive and beautiful environment for the home office. In the few projects featured below, we have created an industrial home office with custom cabinets and complementary colors inspired by the wood floor. In that project, the desk and[…]