Downtown Brownstone Home

Downtown Brownstone Home Project in Orlando, FL:

In this project our clients were down-sizing from a one story home to a four story Brownstone, the first of its kind in the Orlando area. We were commissioned to not only maximize space- but also create a space that is functional. The inspiring styles were minimalistic and transitional. We used a monotone color palette to create a calm and tranquil space. To achieve a perfect balance we incorporated touches of color in the throw pillows and accessories. A customized bookshelf maximized the space and showcased our clients prized possessions. The back panel of the TV was designed with a reversed frame. The bench in the niche has storage underneath the cushions and behind the shelves. The office spaced was designed with an extra work table tucked underneath. The shelves were design to be a focal point as well as provide functional storage space. For more information visit our Houzz profile!